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POST COVID-19 In-Service Program Information

Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) is determined to provide service and support to its law enforcement customers.  POST is sensitive to the challenges that your agencies are facing as you serve your communities and, simultaneously, keep your officers/deputies/rangers/agents healthy.  As result of all the distractions and COVID-19 restrictions, POST realizes some within our law enforcement community will not have the opportunity to attend in-service training to get their required 40 hours of in-service training. 

Therefore, POST has devised a plan to assist its law enforcement community customers by announcing weekly courses that will be no longer than two hours in length and will be delivered through its Acadis portal.  All courses will be available via online; therefore, enabling your personnel to complete the annual in-service training requirement in their vehicles, home or at the office.  These courses will address multiple topics ranging from caselaw, physical fitness and webinars about contemporary law enforcement topics.

Additionally, POST recognizes the COVID-19 challenges imposed upon law enforcement services may not cease in the immediate future but could create a prolonged demand on your resources.  Due to COVID-19’s unforeseeable impact and direction within our communities, POST strongly encourages officers/deputies/rangers/agents to get the remainder of their in-service training through the POST/Acadis portal.  Doing so eliminates the responsibility of reporting in-service hours because of the auto-populate feature within the Acadis software. 

For example, when an officer completes one of the courses announced by POST, the hours for that course will immediately populate within the officers/deputies/rangers/agent’s Acadis profile.  Thus, not requiring the training to be uploaded from your database into POST’s during its in-service training audit. POST will announce three to four weekly in-service training courses that will amount to 40 in-service training hours by the end of the in-service training cycle (June 30th).  At the conclusion of each course, there will be a mini assessment (one to two questions) to determine the knowledge gained during the course—this provided the checks and balances needed to lend credibility to the training.

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