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POST EVO Range 2024 Scheduling Information

POST is now accepting scheduling requests for use of the EVO range in 2024.

POST has updated the procedures for the use of the EVO Range. You must acknowledge the procedures before your reservation will be accepted.
Click here to access the online form.

To access the EVO Request Form, please use the link:

You must submit a request for each day that you would like to use the range. All requests are presented to POST in the order received. If POST receives more than one request for a single date, the request that was received first will be granted the date and all other requests for this date will be denied- an email will be sent to the agency/department approving or denying the request. Once the request has been approved, the reservation will be added to the EVO Range calendar. Please allow 48 hours for your request to populate the calendar.

The link to view the 2024 calendar is:

For more information on the updated EVO range scheduling process please click here.

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