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Accident Investigation (Advanced)



Topics for the Advanced Accident Investigation:

Building on knowledge from Intermediate Crash Investigations, this class covers expansions on drag factor, kinematics, and introduces collinear and angular momentum, crush, and energy equations. This is the last of three accident classes designed to prepare the student for reconstruction courses.

Required equipment and materials include: Pen and mechanical pencil, scientific calculator, scratch paper, engineer ruler, 2 colored pencils, scissors, and graph paper.


  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Math Review
  • Kinematics
  • Flips, falls and Vaults
  • Collinear Momentum
  • Angular Momentum
  • Energy

Student Notes:

This training is open to all agencies. Class size will be limited to 20 students. 

To register contact Heidi Dunn, UHP Training at 

If you have any questions about this course, Please contact. Randy Akers at (801) 857-0976 or .

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