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Driving Simulation for the Law Enforcement Officer

Course Goal:
This course emphasizes the proper emergency response techniques for optimal
officer safety.

Course Direction:
This course is designed for the in-service officer for ongoing professional development.
This course is not intended for basic training cadets. The training will provide
the officer with knowledge of proper vehicle placement and prioritization of tasks
during emergency response in progressive scenarios dealing with intersections.
The officer will demonstrate proper procedures in emergency response scenarios and an
assessment will be provided. This course will be taught utilizing a law enforcement
driving simulator.

The officer must complete Web EVOC and provide a copy of test scores at the
beginning of the training.

Learning Objectives:
Course objectives will focus on multi-tasking during emergency response. The Officer
will demonstrate knowledge during scenarios driven on the simulator. The
following topics will be presented, discussed and reinforced during the driving portion
of training:
Hazard recognition
Proper scanning
Prioritizing emergency tasks
Vehicle positioning

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