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Evasive Driving for the Law Enforcement Officer

Course Goal:

This course emphasizes the proper driving techniques officers should use to avoid common mistakes that lead to officer involved crashes.

Course Direction:
This course is designed for the in-service officer for ongoing professional development.
This course is not intended for basic training cadets. The scenario based portion
of this course will provide the officer with feedback during the skills portion
of training. This course is one of a three part series and will be taught on a closed

Required Equipment:
The officer should bring an approved DOT helmet. However, if one is not available,
POST will provide one. Officers will use their department issued vehicle during this

Learning Objectives:
This is an advanced law enforcement driving course designed to combine multiple
skills essential for the safe operation of a law enforcement vehicle. Officers learn
vehicle dynamics, placement, optimal throttle and braking points. This course provides
the officer with the ability to recognize and navigate problems that contribute
to law enforcement collisions.

How acceleration, deceleration, braking, and turning affect vehicle balance
Anti-lock brake training
Lane travel
Vehicle placement
Single and double lane changes

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