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Field Investigation Drug Officer (FIDO)

This is an extensive certification course.  Materials are taught through lecture, exams, hands-on exercises, and a final practical exam.  Once the individual has passed the course, they will be a certified marijuana and FIDO analyst.  With this certification comes the responsibility of testing your agency’s cases that may contain marijuana and testifying to your results in court. 

The course will include:

  • An overview of how the FIDO program works and its administration
  • Information on controlled substances specifically methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin
  • Instruction for preliminary testing of controlled substances
  • Safety concerns
  • Instruction on note taking and report writing
  • Testifying in court
  • Written and practical tests to evaluate ability to perform in the field
  • Certification
  • Testing kit and refills of testing chemicals at no cost to your agency as long as competency is maintained through recertification

Benefits to agency:

  • Your agency will be able to process, test and testify to controlled substance cases in your jurisdiction
  • Faster case turnaround time
  • Less evidence transferred out of your evidence room
  • Certification from a nationally sponsored program
  • Yearly recertifications to maintain proficiency and competency
  • Free refills for testing kits

Who should attend:

  • Crime Scene/Lab Personnel
  • Evidence Room Technicians
  • Narcotic Task Force/Squad Members
  • Detectives


  • The cost of these courses is a combined $75.00.  It is required that each individual bring their own microscope for class.  If you have any questions on what type of microscope to buy, we would be happy to help in your selection.  After returning to the agency, the analyst will have a supply list.  The total cost for all supplies, chemicals, and microscope (depending on the microscope) could be no more than $1000.00.
  • Due to the nature of the preliminary tests the candidates will have to interpret different colors
    and should not attend if the candidate is colorblind.
  • The FIDO candidates must be willing to test evidence from other officers in their agency, and
    be willing to review other FIDO officers work.

Student Notes:

This course is limited to 15 students.

Dress code for attending POST classes is a neat, clean, and professional appearance.  Slacks, shirts with collars, and/or department uniform can be worn.  No shorts, open toe shoes, sweats, tank tops, or t-shirts are permitted.

To apply and register for this course, please contact Bryan Holden at the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services.  He will then send you a registration form and you will be on your way.  We will have a cap of 15 people for the class, so don’t wait, seats may fill up fast.

Course Dates Location Time Status
(TBA) Please contact Bryan Holden at The course is being held at the newly opened Unified Laboratories located next to the Calvin Rampton Building in Salt Lake City (4500 South 2700 West).  Pending