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Law Enforcement as a Career – Corrections Officer

STATE AGENCIES – Corrections Officer

Corrections is the fastest growing job in the law enforcement field. The government’s ongoing push to get tough on crime has resulted in more jails, prisons, and detention centers popping up across the country. All this translates to a higher demand for corrections officers.

If you become a corrections officer, your primary duty will be to guard and supervise prisoners confined to penal institutions. This basic role doesn’t change from facility to facility, but your specific duties will, depending on the size and type of institution.
As a corrections officer, you might work in a small county or municipal jail where you’ll have a general range of duties, or you may work in a large state or federal prison with more specialized duties.

Regardless of which place you choose, it’ll be up to you to:

  • maintain order
  • enforce the rules of the institution
  • ensure the safety of inmates and fellow officers
  • prevent escape

If you are an unarmed corrections officer, you’ll be responsible for the direct supervision of inmates. You may be locked in a cell block alone, or with another officer, to watch 50 to 100 inmates. Excellent reasoning and communication skills are a great advantage in this situation.