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Waiver/Reactivation Process

The Policy
Utah law provides that the “Basic Training” requirement for peace officer or dispatcher certification may be waived by the Director of POST if the applicant has successfully completed a comparable training program that, in the Director’s judgment, is equivalent to the program required for certification in Utah. Waiver applicants will be required to furnish POST with a copy of an hourly breakdown of the basic training curriculum for the academy that they attended, as well as proof of successful completion of the program.

Waiver Defined
WAIVER refers to a person who has completed a peace officer or dispatcher basic training program other than the training program prescribed by Utah POST and wants Utah POST to recognize that training and waive the basic training requirement. All or any part of the training program may be waived.

Reactivation Defined
REACTIVATION refers to a person who has been previously certified as a peace officer or dispatcher in Utah, but whose certification has become inactive because the individual has not been actively engaged in performing the duties of a sworn and certified peace officer, or dispatcher, for more than eighteen months but less than four years as described in Utah Code §§ 53-6-208 and 53-6-306.

The certification of a peace officer or dispatcher lapses if the peace officer or dispatcher has not been actively engaged in performing the duties of a peace officer or dispatcher within the previous four years. A peace officer or dispatcher whose certification has lapsed is not eligible for reactivation.

Utah Peace Officer Categories Defined
Special Function Officer (SFO): UCA 53-13-105
Basic Correctional Officer (BCO): UCA 53-13-104
Law Enforcement Officer (LEO): UCA 53-13-105
In Utah, Basic Correctional Officers must have also received the Special Function Officer (SFO) curriculum, although they may not necessarily be certified as an SFO. This is addressed in POST Policy 2030. The SFO curriculum includes significant instruction on the criminal and traffic code, the court system, search and seizure concepts, mental health, defensive tactics, de-escalation, and conflict management.
PLEASE NOTE: If your correctional curriculum DOES NOT include those subjects, your waiver application will be rejected. POST has encountered correctional officer curricula from other states that do not meet the threshold for acceptance. Examples of these curricula include Nevada Class III certifications and some correctional officers from Minnesota. Please know that if you only have these certifications, your waiver application will be rejected until you complete a Special Function Officer (SFO) block of instruction.

Waiver or Reactivation Steps
Either a waiver applicant or a reactivation applicant, the steps are the same. You will first need to (1) complete an application for certification, (2) have the application approved, (3) pass a knowledge-based exam, and (4) pass a physical fitness test.

Knowledge Exam
The timed knowledge exam is between 50-100 questions.  It consists of legal questions such as constitutional principles and Utah Code.  The searchable, online version of the Utah Code is allowed during the exam.  If you would like to peruse the Utah Code ahead of time, it can be found here.

The exam is proctored monthly at the Sandy, Utah campus. Alternative testing locations for the written exam are possible at either satellite academy locations around the State of Utah, or at authorized testing centers in other states. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make alternative testing arrangements and pay any applicable fees that may be incurred by the testing center. Contact Utah POST for more information on the alternative testing option.

Physical Skills Exam
The physical fitness exam is administered monthly at the Sandy, Utah campus. No alternative location is permitted. Click here for information on the exam.

Waiver/Reactivation Fees
Waiver (written exam) and P.T. $75.00
Reactivation (written exam) and P.T. $75.00
Fingerprint Cards-POST does not offer fingerprinting services. You must complete this requirement on your own prior to the day of testing.
*Waiver fee is payable at time of testing. The fee is not applicable if currently employed by or has a conditional offer of employment from a Utah Law Enforcement agency.

Scheduling the Reactivation Exam
A testing date will be authorized once the waiver or reactivation application for certification has been approved.

Application for Training and Certification Information or Questions?
Email to obtain more information and receive a link to the application account request form.

POST Waiver & Reactivation Policy Information
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Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Waiver/Reactivation Physical Fitness Requirements
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